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Who can benefit from counselling?

The decision to seek counselling does not imply that you are weak or mentally ill. On the contrary, seeking counselling to help you deal with life's inevitable difficulties is one of the most empowered and responsible things you can do and is a sign of significant psychological and emotional maturity. Stephen's belief is that counselling works best for:


  • people who are feeling temporarily stuck, and who realise that accessing the help they need to get unstuck is a sign of strength, not weakness;


  • people who want to face up to, rather than ignore or hide from, problems and difficulties in order that they can live more empowered and fulfilling lives;


  • people who recognise that life's problems are opportunities for personal growth and development, and who want to capitalise on and maximise these opportunities;


  • people who aspire to live more consciously, with a greater awareness of how their own histories, thoughts and behaviours are impacting their outcomes in life; 


  • people who want to understand themselves and other people better; and


  • people who recognise that we continue to grow and develop throughout our adult lives - that, as Carl Rogers said, we are always in a process of becoming.


If you would like to get a clearer sense of whether counselling could be helpful to you then please get in touch with Stephen to schedule an initial appointment.

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