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Jungian Perspectives

Carl Jung

Stephen believes that the system of Analytical Psychology developed by the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875 - 1961), provides important insights regarding the human psyche that can be enormously helpful in the process of psychological and emotional healing and growth.

Perspectives from Jungian (analytical) psychology that inform Stephen's work with his clients include:


  • the existence of four functions of consciousness (thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition) and two attitudes of consciousness (extroversion and introversion), and the differences in how these are expressed in the psychology of individuals;

  • the existence of the unconscious, not only personal but collective, and the compensatory role played by the unconscious vis-a-vis our normal ego consciousness;

  • the concept of individuation (ie. the realisation of one's full and unique potential and wholeness) as the primary task of life;

  • the different psychological and developmental tasks of the first half and second half of life, and the importance of finding meaning and purpose in the second half of life;

  • the importance of dreams as a means of connection with the unconscious and as a source of wisdom to guide us in life and in the individuation process;

  • the importance of creative expression as a means of furthering the individuation process and of moving towards psychic wholeness. 

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